Innovative Coil handling technologies

For years now, HengLorne have played an important role in the industry when it comes to automation control and innovation. We like to think differently from time to time.

Team & Future

HengLorne is engaged in high precision pursuit

With 30 years of manufacturing experiences, HengLorne has faced with a variety of changeable progress in the metal materials and enriched quite solid and a wide range of applied experiences in design and technology through constant physical test and data collection, believing to provide better solution to all kinds of specified application from clients, which is also the base that HengLorne may be able to be capable of being distinctive in the breakthrough in the market.


High performance 3 in 1:SNF-S

Team training
Model Name SNF-S
Main Structure Uncoiler / Straightner / NC feeder
Design Concept 1. Longpitch feeding / max: 1m
2. Space saving / Total length: 8m
3. High degree of automation control
4. Suit to 8mm thickness and width to 1000mm strip(980mpa)
5. Three servo motors application
a. Pitch roller
b. Straightner space control / HMI setting and move automatically
c. Uncoiler speed control
6. Back loop frame design
7. High precision feeding Pitch
Our future

We spotlight of stability and reliable
In the factory assembly process, we determine group tolerance among parts to be subject to the design through repeated internal controls and verification, which are two important factors to precision of processing. In the pilot run stage upon completion of assembly, we simulate the amount of material to use while in mass production of client’s end as much as possible and production capacity, and also with more stringent conditions for the strength test, wherein, through this testing process, we can learn device stability and reliable operation of equipment capacity, also, we can identify problems for further improvement.

HengLorne will standardize operation procedures at each production site to ensure uniform and consistent quality worldwide.