Henglorne Business

Constant exploration and validation in the physical applied experiences is what HengLorne is affirmed on its precision behind capability of research & development.

Henglorne Business

Rigorous testing process is considered as a core value of HengLorne
Supplier selection, compatibility with the mechanical design of us to achieve the best performance shall be deemed as the major base in terms of components. The selection of key components and raw material for the steel shall be accounted with a certain percentage more than the practical demand as a safety concern, Regarding the processing of Roller, every step has strict SOP and hardness testing processes of upcoming materials as well as measurement for machining accuracy, with at least twice the hardness and precision verification test shall be what we adhere to the product life cycle.




HengLorne’s capability of research & development comes from constant discussions with external clients and full master of technical demands in client’s mass production.


Aim to the stabilization
During discussion and manufacturing process internally, the Company analyzed and technique data collected to determine the optimized components that all considerations shall be based on the most stable operational quality solely.


Standardization = Precision
On the aspect of processing procedure, we set up Standard of Procedure (SOP) from strict requirements behind precision and repeat tests of dimensions behind processed finishes from selection of raw materials to the processing work. We firmly believe that only constant requirements of precision, we may maintain good quality in the assembly and mass production.

Focus on providing the best coil handling equipment to customer

Solutions by Industry

Our advantages are flexibility of high customization and rendering equipments which apply to their mass production, such as: customized operational panel, programs compiled as per their user habits, selection of parts determined in consideration of services, customizing production equipments proprietary to them and improve level of judgment on where the market will go by utilizing user experiences of clients.

Team & Future

It is the most important asset that the company accounts people as the base. Energy of company comes from the production and stable production is the base how a company survives constantly; stable output is even how HengLorne provides employees with professional trainings and technology. On the aspect of technology cultivation, case study in the periodical research & development and Design Meeting all constitute external conditions of environment that the company renders to the employee. For inherits of professional technology and experience, HengLorne will determine how deeply every employee is involved with professional fields with his existing expertise, capability and personality.